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In 2011 I documented everything I consumed, from a beer in the pub with mates to healthy apple or sneaky piece of chocolate. It was all an attempt to create a diary to help resolve my dietary issues.

I'd tried writing things down, but that didn't last long, so photography was brought into the furore to assist.

The diary stopped in July 2011. I was happy that the source of my problems had been uncovered and resolved and now felt more energetic and happier as a result. I reduced, replaced and in some cases completely eliminated what ailed me.

To celebrate the success of the diary, I created smallm limited edition 24 page, signed, handmade zine.

Inside, it was strewn with photographs of everything I consumed, and highlighted some personal eating habits and patterns that I discovered through the process.

Feasted 1

Feasted 2

Feasted 3

Feasted 4

Feasted 5

Feasted 6

Feasted 7

Feasted 8

Feasted 9

Feasted 10

Feasted 11

Feasted 12

Feasted 13

Feasted 14

Feasted 15

Feasted 16

Feasted 17

Feasted 18

Feasted 19

Feasted 20

Feasted 21

Feasted 22

Feasted 23



I was unprepared for Japan. These photos barely do it justice.

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